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The Spinning Sun Burst

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The Spinning Sun Burst was actually the second type of suns introduced to my line. They get their name from the spinning action possible with the marble, Made by the way in which the marble is mounted.  Pryor to them was a sun made with a marble that was grooved around its circumference and two halves of a flat sunburst  pattern sandwiched around and seated into the groove.

The Three Dimensional [3/D] Sun Burst

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This remarkable design has been one of the biggest influences of my work since its' introduction. As you will see in further designs the 3/D basics develop  much greater depth.


Introducing Stained Glass  ~ The Flat Glass Sun Bursts

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A little time spent in a stained glass shop in Fredericksburg, Texas gave me the true beginnings of understanding glass, but hands on skills really happened much like most all of my talents.

Trial and error ! 

Glass Floats ~ Mixing Possibilities

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Now things really start to heat up. There is nothing an artist likes more than to use all the tools and techniques possible in one piece.   At least once in a while any way.

Details ... Details ... Details

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Sun 26.jpg  Sun 27.jpg  Sun 28.jpg

I really love finding different glass materials to explore in my work. You will notice in my Wind Chimes, as well as most other areas of design, mixing media has become an active part of my work.

I Am A Creator Of Many Suns, But I Worship The One Son 'Jesus Christ'

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